J. Kelly Hoey

Networking Q&A: The Reward Of Good Work Is More Work #BYDN

Question: You know they say the “reward of good work is more work”. How do I not get stuck with boring and getting big where I am, but can move and progress in my career?

My Answer: You have to ask.

Yes, this is where you need to proactively seek feedback at the end of project — especially when you know you’ve done good work. And don’t simply accept “good work on that project” feedback with nothing else and don’t wait for an end-of-year performance review for receiving feedback.

Be proactive!

Know going in to the feedback session what skills you want to improve in or learn and the types of projects you want next — then request that work.

It’s hard to speak up, but it’s what you need to do to move your career ahead. You also have to be self-aware of what you did well and what you need to improve upon.

And when work hands you what appears to be boring work, see if there isn’t a way to reframe it. For example, I recall an attorney I know telling me that she was handed the task of keeping contact lists updated on a large corporate deal as well as scheduling all of the team calls and meetings. On the face of it, a task well beneath her experience and ambitions. However, she turned it into an opportunity to be the gatekeeper, getting to know everyone on the list, understanding their work habits and schedules. She accumulated powerful insider knowledge, trust and access — as well as a killer contact list when she changed jobs.


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