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Success is not simply a question of what you know (or how hard you work) or who you have the good fortune of bumping into. No! In a hyper-connected world, success is all about who knows what you know. This is one of the network building truths I’ve learned from my own career transformation – a career that evolved in ways I never imagined.

My entire career story is a networked one. Networking is the only explanation for the journey from my first career (lawyer) to being invited to join non-profit and startup boards, to dine with Malala, to write a book and so much more. I’ve tweeted, linked-in’d, meetup’d, blogged, followed-up and connected into a vast array of ridiculously exciting opportunities.

My networked experiences are the reason why I wrote Build Your Dream Network.

If I can do it, you can too.

J. Kelly Hoey | author + speaker

As an author, writer, podcast guest host and speaker, my goal is to help you build better, stronger personal connections. I want you to achieve greater personal success whether it is advancing your career up the corporate ladder, navigating your first job (or encore career), pursuing an entrepreneurial venture or crowdfunding your passion project.

#BYDN is a guide to fulfilling your potential by approaching network building differently, and purposefully.

Build Your Dream Network is not just my career success story: a history-making adventurer, an enviable early-stage Silicon Valley venture capital firm, and a global breakfast lecture series for the creative community are just three of the networked career roadmaps featured in #BYDN.

A few networking truths I’ve discovered to encourage you to dive in to your dreams:

  • Introverts are savvy network builders. Why? Because they manage their networking discomfort by being more focused and thoughtful in their networking actions.
  • The 3 P’s of networking are: People! People! People! Whether you’re connecting online or offline, sticking to networking basics is what matters.
  • Random networking is hit & miss networking! Networking is not endless schmoozing with people you hardly know or reaching out only when you need something. Successful network builders invest time to build stronger connections – daily – by being more precise in the micro-networking actions we all engage in daily.

Beyond the book & blog!

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