When I’m not musing here or over on Twitter….I’m contributing elsewhere. ICYMI a few links to my latest posts on GOBankingRates.com and Forbes.com:

I am trying to align my pocketbook and my values. Yes, I believe this matters as we vote with our dollars on a daily basis. Why continuously contribute to values that don’t represent yours?

Yes, I took a pay cut when I switched jobs but here are the ways I maneuvered my salary back to market rate.

How much vulnerability should you share online? Depends. I’ve discovered that letting all your flaws, imperfections and insecurities show may be a great way to market your business (it definitely has worked for this breast cancer survivor and entrepreneur).

The myth that there are NO women in venture is getting a wee bit tiresome. The women are out there investing — and two New York based women in venture have the definitive network and list.

Work. And regular life. And trying to achieve something resembling “balance” has been a challenge for me since I graduated from law school waaayyyy back in 1991. I recently sought the advice of friends on how they manage it all.