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Reinventing Your Career

By May 12, 2020June 17th, 2020No Comments

Factors outside of your control can suddenly topple your career plans. In this episode, Kelly interviews workforce transformation leader Joyce Sullivan, Lee Hecht Harrison’s Operations Director (Northeast Region). Joyce not only guides others who are making a career transformation, but she’s also reinvented her professional destiny after being laid off Wall Street during the 2008 financial crisis. Her advice is a must-listen for anyone navigating a career transition, especially one that’s unplanned or unexpected.

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Key takeaways from this episode of the #BYDN podcast:

  • Outplacement programs can act as a launching ground for amazing people who are seeking new employment.
  • Approach coaching as a partnership to achieving your next steps in your career.
  • Be generous with your social currency while ensuring you have saved enough to sustain yourself.

What to listen for:

02:07    Joyce, COO of Lee Hecht Harrison, is in the “hope business.” What does that look like?

06:34    What makes someone successful in a career transition?

07:54    How to optimize your time with a coach

09:23    Identifying your strengths is critical in career transformation

13:23    Currency comes not only in cash, but also reputation and influence

16:16    Find out why Joyce loves her job


“Think about the currency of not just cash but the value of your reputation, how you influence, and everything else that is important to you. Is that currency growing or shrinking?” 15:35

“You have to have a bank account that you can make withdrawals on because that is why you show up every day for your network.” 16:11

“My mission is to create environments for talented people to thrive and for those who forgot how amazing they are because they lost their job. They are still amazing.” 17:15

Are you navigating career reinvention (or anticipating having to do so at some point in your career)? If so, some additional insights for you:

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