Networking Q&A: The Follow-Up!

By April 9, 2017 January 27th, 2019 No Comments

Question: How do you encourage people to get back to you when you’ve made an introduction or done something to help further their career?

Answer: This is SUCH a pet peeve for those of us who make introductions for others. All you can do is politely stress that they circle back with you to let you know how things turn out. If I think of a better way (that does not involve guilt or violence) I will definitely pass it along!

As I share in Build Your Dream Network:

…why is the follow-up — which is likely the most effective networking tool — so often neglected? After she makes an introduction, adventurer Alison Levine always tells people, “Let me know how it goes, after you meet.” She inserts the expectation of a follow-up as a consideration for making the introduction, because she wants to know how things turn out. She wants to know if the introduction goes well or sideways. For Alison and others, the point of making introductions is to make things happen, not just to make introductions.”

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