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Where were you on Super Bowl Sunday? Yes, there is a Build Your Dream Network how & who & where are you networking story in the big game that has nothing to do with tailgating and parties.

It is well publicized that Tom Brady is 40 years old. Some of his teammates were in their teens (barely) when he won his first Super Bowl Championship. The point? Surround yourself with people as committed to getting things done as you are — and aim for diversity. If the best person for the job is older than you, well great, but look behind and around you as well! Advice, guidance, talent, leadership and yes, opportunities can come from anywhere, so don’t overlook your peers, mentees, interns… The Philadelphia Eagles’ QB Nick Foles may be MVP and a household name as of Sunday night but…his career definitely didn’t start off on solid footing. He was selected by the Eagles in the third round with the 88th overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. He had to compete for his job — and accepted the backup role, was traded, became a free agent, returned to his “old job”…in other words, he persisted. Building the career you want means focusing on what you can control (your effort, your skill set, your knowledge, your relationships) and having just a little patience. Foles Sunday night success was many years in the making. Give him as much credit for that as for the big win against the Patriots.


The best way I know to manage fears and uncertainty is to build a strong network. You need to have people to lean on when times are bad and to celebrate with when you’ve reached the other side.


Networking is all about the GIVE before the get. From your posts to your volunteer time. Are you an attentive listener or the type person who sends a “How R U” text (and really means it). These are all examples of networking GIVES in my book. How are you giving to your network? Yes, I want to know — so go check out this post for more details on the #giveaway happening courtesy of my friends at the Accessories Council.


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