J. Kelly Hoey

Build Your Dream: Networking Q&A #BYDN

Q: It was great to hear you at GHC17. I appreciate the advice that you gave on networking using social media: we have to be true to ourselves. I have two additional questions that I wanted to ask.

1. How can you represent your true self on social media when we are constantly changing? What we used to think/believe 5 years ago may no longer be the case later. Since we are constantly evolving, using social media to represent my self, am I doing injustice to my future self?

2. I work in a large corporation and am trying to expand my network. I’m having challenges connecting with colleagues who “don’t look like me”. How do you network with someone who seems like they are not interested?

My Answers:

It is interesting that we now live in times where there is a permanent record of a mere moment in time. And we shall grapple with it and figure it out. Perhaps that is the reason some people only share the superficial or part of their lives — so that the future is not tainted by a moment. But, if we wait till we are fully developed, we may never engage and participate. I believe that is worse than having an old view or old dress on display.

On connecting with others — you’ve hit the nail on the head on the challenge. You say X and they hear Y. A suggestion is to volunteer on a community project or committee — intentionally picking an opportunity to meet others (vs people you typically work with). I find that when we work on something together, towards a common goal, connections come more easily.

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