Build Your Dream: How To Find The Right Mentor

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“No one ever goes at it alone,” Hoey explains. “Our careers and ambitions move forward with the help of other people.” Having mentors and serving as a good mentor to others will help you do a job well, master a new skill, or navigate the dynamics of a workplace. “My first career was as an attorney in Canada, where all law students must do an ‘articling year’ before being admitted to the practice of law,” Hoey tells us. “This early experience instilled in me an ethos of extending a hand to help others on their path to success — as a practical matter, being known as a great mentor can make it easier to recruit people to your project teams or to take on an assignment for you.”

Brit & Co recently asked for my insights on how to find a dream mentor — support, after all, is an essential component of any network. Find all of my tips in their post “Follow This Smart Advice to Land the Mentor of Your Dreams”.