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Tackling the Informational Interview

By October 21, 2019September 21st, 2020No Comments
J. Kelly Hoey - Build Your Dream Network

Informational interviews are networking gold when you’re pursuing a career change or searching for a new job. Don’t flub this golden opportunity by taking a casual networking approach when setting up those meetings.

Key takeaways:

  • Spend more time thinking and less time firing off requests for coffee dates
  • Ask smart questions
  • Find mutual connections and keep them in the loop
  • Preparation pays off

What to listen for:

  • 00:56 Why what you’ve been told is wrong
  • 02:56 How to prepare, even before you are introduced
  • 04:58 How to utilize mutual connections
  • 06:42 How to ask for an informational interview
  • 08:07 Execute the meeting
  • 09:06 What to do after the interview


“The reason for the all that prep work before you ask for a meeting is you can ask a better question and the more specific and precise you are, the more likely you are to get an answer.” [07:42]

“This additional follow up is the glue that makes a relationship sticky. That first meeting or conversation may have occurred simply as a favor to someone else, by following up you make the relationship yours.” [10:04]

J. Kelly Hoey

Networking Expert + Career Transformation Coach + Author + Speaker, Kelly Hoey looks at "networking" through a new, modern, fresh lens, offering you (who are pursuing and perhaps struggling with your big ambitions), advice on how to connect for success in a hyper-connected world that is woefully short in its attention span. Her network-building advice is relatable, instilling confidence with actionable insights and practical information.