Learn (And Love) Those Small Networking Acts

By March 5, 2017 January 27th, 2019 No Comments

How’s the networking love going? Don’t panic (or groan) at the idea of more networking. You pictured business cards and cocktail parties (again) when I said “networking”, right? Admit it!

But not so fast. That’s not what I think about when I think networking.

And this week, I want you to start really re-imagining what networking is. As I explain in #BYDN:

Not only do I hate walking into rooms filled with strangers, but I am deeply suspicious of anyone who says they really enjoy it. If you really, I mean really, enjoy stepping into a room where you do not know a soul, then you’re likely a fine-tuned, heat-seeking sales machine and I’d rather navigate the scent-spritzing gaunt- let of the perfume department at Saks than be cornered by you at a networking event.

So what is networking then? It’s every human interaction. And all those small, mundane, daily actions are opportunities to make a stronger connection. From #BYDN:

Do you have two minutes during your weekday morning to post an update on LinkedIn? That update could be a cross-selling opportunity for your business. Using the stairs or public transport might take you slightly out of your way, but what if you see that detour, not as a decision about transportation, but as an opportunity for a valuable interaction?