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I Downloaded Eleven CRM Apps And Deleted Ten

By February 26, 2020March 4th, 2020No Comments

You’ve asked (“Hey, Kelly, how do you organize your contacts?“) so often that I am actively seeking a “good personal CRM” system (good being better than a ziplock full of business cards, a robust collection of contacts on Linkedin, haphazard contact lists depending on whether gmail is in the mood to sync with my iPhone etc.). I recently downloaded 11 apps to test and almost immediately deleted 10. This is a work in progress — no definitive conclusion yet on finding any tool that gets the BYDN stamp of networking approval – however, worth sharing where I’m at on this networking organization journey: 

Of the 11 apps I downloaded, UpHabit remains on my phone, because there is now a desktop version and the company is very focused on user privacy. 

The apps I deleted: 

  • Hippo: Text to verify account (so easy to set up!) but I had to manually add people and notes. 
  • Remember: Facebook login to set-up. As I’m in the process of moving off Facebook, I hit delete as soon as I saw the account set-up/login requirement. 
  • Friendsome: Location based networking app, so an immediate delete by me as I’m really not a fan of location based apps (sorry, it is no one’s business where I’m at). 
  • Garden: Biggest feature seems to be reminders to reach out (which I can do via calendar, snooze on gmail or good old pad + paper). 
  • Copper: CRM of GSuite. Google has enough of my info plus Copper clearly states they share your info with third parties (ah, no thank you!).  
  • Bond: Provides a digital list of platforms for you to select contacts from as well as frequency of contact. I like the concept (as every one in our network does have a preferred platform for communication) but no, not exactly what I’m looking for in a CRM. 
  • TibbitsLevitate, and Cultivate all seem to offer digital note taking and labels for your contacts (which I’d say is a feature not a complete network organization system to my  way of thinking). 
  • Contact Journal: Again, another auto reminder system. I did like that its audio note (moments) feature (but obviously not enough to keep the app on my phone). 

I have yet to play around with UpHabit‘s new desktop app – so stay tuned on that – and I met recently with the founder of Kinship (app is not yet in Beta), so another contact/network organization  tool on my list to check out. 

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