J. Kelly Hoey

I’m A Female Founder… #BYDN

I’ve been on the receiving end of a stream (or avalanche) of outreach and unsolicited intros recently — t’is the season (funding, that is). Amusingly (spoiler alert!) it’s the subject of an upcoming (as in tomorrow!) newsletter. However, with female founders in mind…here’s the resources* I’ve recently shared as no, without a well-crafted or researched ask**, I’m not your “spray-and-pray email outreach can we meet for coffee so we can pick your brain” gal.

*Yes! This is an incomplete list…I acknowledge its NYC-centric faults as the female founder outreach recently was focused on connecting in The Big Apple. And a quick, as in “you could do this as easily as I” search on Google turned up ALL OF THESE PITCH EVENTS focused on female founders in 2018 in San Francisco.

**And I’d be remiss, if I didn’t mention my book as a resource! While there is advice specifically aimed at startups / entrepreneurs throughout the book (such as WHY you should never randomly email people asking to pick their brains over coffee), at page 183 in Build Your Dream Network there is specific guidance for entrepreneurs and small biz owners on communicating with investors.


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