New Year’s Networking Resolutions

Did you do it again? Make a resolution or two on December 31 only to wonder why a few days later? Here’s a resolution you can keep:

Set smaller, achievable goals and network your way to achieving your big goal in 2017.
Reaching individual milestones with the help of others strengthens your connections and motivates your networked journey to success.

So what’s your goal for the New Year? (And why does it matter?)

As I share in Chapter 3 of my book, Build Your Dream Network, networking for me always starts with a goal. Let me explain by sharing an excerpt from the subchapter “The Goal Comes First”:

As I’ve said from the start, I believe there are connection-based solutions for pretty much every challenge we face in our jobs and careers, whether it is finding a job, securing a donation, or locating a source. Sorry, your problems aren’t new — someone has faced your dilemma before (or a challenge that looks an awful lot like it) or knows someone who has — and this is good news! You now have the chance to leverage their mistakes and insights to improve your own networked outcome.

Looking back at my career and goals (secure a job in New York City, transition out of law practice into legal management, find a literary agent), it’s evident that I’ve continually followed a process, taking logical steps to move from having a need or idea or desire to achieving the end result…

…it’s a process that:

starts with setting a goal
requires determining the correct connections or network to ask for help
and then focuses on strategy and communication tactics after you’ve figured out whom you’re seeking help from.

Make sense?

Or do you need help with goal setting (or help focusing your goal(s))? Some personal soul-searching or research may be in order. Explore what is agitating or what interests you. (Heck! That’s what I’ve done on more than a few career occasions!). Grab a blank sheet of paper and start doodling ideas. Or check out the Life Model Canvas and brainstorm your interests.

Bonus Goal Worksheet

It’s a New Year! Get your ideas out there. Start acting on your ambitions by connecting with your network.

#BYDN is on the calendar: January 25 at the New York City Bar Association. A fireside chat with me plus networking reception and a complimentary signed copy of my book Build Your Dream Network: Forging Powerful Relationships In A Hyper-Connected World. How’s that for networking your 2017 New Year’s resolutions? Details and link to RSVP.

Interested in planning a #BYDN network book event with me? Fire me an email or tweet — and let’s connect to get it on the calendar.