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Close Enough To Brag

By October 12, 2015 February 2nd, 2019 No Comments

Sometimes This Close Is Close Enough To Brag About.

A few months ago, I had the great privilege of speaking at the PGA’s Beyond The Green event and of strolling behind the ropes at the 97th PGA Championship. I use the word “privilege” intentionally. This is the second time I’ve spoken at this PGA professional development event — so being asked back a second time in as many years to spend the day with an exceptional group of women in business and entrepreneurship, is an absolute privilege. And it was also truly a privilege to walk the stunningly beautiful terrain that is Whistling Straits.

Beyond The Green is a professional development initiative of the PGA focused on leadership and yes, how golf is a proven success tool in business and for career advancement. I know, I was asked early on in my legal career whether I played golf and by being willing to learn the game, I not only gained a great mentor, I was invited in to the room where relationships were confirmed and deals were decided. Learning how to read a green is a valuable skill — beyond winning a whole-in-one putting challenge tossed down by your new boss.

A few quotable takeaways from Beyond The Green to reflect upon when it comes to career and life and pitching your venture or pondering your next career move:

  • Sometimes This Close Is Close Enough To Brag About (PGA banner at Beyond The Green).
  • “Don’t wait for the invitation to play the game of life, because it’s happening with or without us” — Donna Orender
  • “Why Golf? It is an opportunity to display your focus, perseverance and determination, as well as to showcase your integrity.” — Laura Kohler
  • “Define the game you want to play” — Teresa Zamboni
  • “Golf is a game of managing distractions” — Paul LoCicero
  • “The two things you control with golf are your attitude and your outfit” — Teresa Zamboni

Playing the game means understanding the rules and getting into the game and once you’re in, master it so you can play the game your way.