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Build Your Dream Network Podcast

Do you cringe when you hear the word “networking” even though you know you need to do it? Do you only have a few minutes to devote to building your network (or improving your network building skills)?

If you think networking is just schmoozing at cocktail parties, then fear no more! If your social calendar is full, no worries! Networking expert, Kelly Hoey reframes the essential skill of networking for the social media age on the Build Your Dream Network podcast. In focused episodes, Kelly addresses the frustrations and challenges of networking, answers your pressing questions about how to network “the right way”, and shares creative strategies for building meaningful connections, whatever your career or business goals.

Have a networking challenge that needs an answer? Email Kelly your question: admin [at] jkellyhoey [dot] co

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Real talk and incredibly actionable advice (whether you are an absolute beginner or well into your career), given with the energy of your most sensible (but never deadly serious) friend over coffee or margaritas.

Incisive, practical, and . . . dare I say - FUN.Build Your Dream Network (Apple Podcasts)

This show has already made me think about networking and building great business relationships in a whole new way, and using Kelly’s tips is already paying off! Her advice is helpful, engaging, and super relevant for today’s workplace, and it’s applicable whether you are working for a company, are an entrepreneur or business owner, are looking for your first job or internship, or are looking to change careers. Love the short, digestible format too. Highly recommended!!

Must-listen for career and business success!Build Your Dream Network (Apple Podcasts)

I am so glad that Kelly is now sharing her wisdom with us weekly! I love that she includes tips for finding and refining your passion in our dynamic lives and careers! Plus, Kelly’s wit keeps her real, relatable, and authentic! Keep’em coming, Kelly!!

INCREDIBLE INSIGHTS!Build Your Dream Network (Apple Podcasts)

Nothing is more painful than getting advice you don’t want to hear, but you know is the truth. In the same vein of work smarter, not harder, Kelly uses her gift of candor to remind you to go back to the basics: do your homework, take your time, and be courteous of the time of others. All things that get easily forgotten in the race to capitalize on opportunities and check things off your list.

Actionable take-aways every episodeBuild Your Dream Network (Apple Podcasts)

Loving this podcast! A must listen for anyone. Whether you are a pro networker or novice this is full of practical and actionable advice and insights generously shared by Kelly.

Great insights and practical tips!Build Your Dream Network (Apple Podcasts)

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