The Champagne is Not Working

By July 19, 2018 January 17th, 2019 No Comments

Receptions, reunions, client dinners — you’ve consumed the “must get out and network” cocktail, yet for all that wining & dining, the most you can show are a handful of business cards and an over-extended social calendar.

READY to end the networking hangover???


Build Your Dream Network is your guide. Yup, a case-study driven inspirational combined with roadmaps (and fun visuals) to accelerate your ambitions.

Pick-up a copy (yes, you’ll find #BYDN in book stores, online – Hello! Amazon!  and in many public libraries).

Read it all but here’s your pay extra-special attention to reading list:

  • What Networking Really Is (page 6–7)
  • You Can’t Hack Relationships (page 9–10)
  • With Why, You Can Say Good-Bye to FOMO (page 30–34)
  • It’s Voluntary (page 103–105)
  • Coffee Talk (page 141–144)