J. Kelly Hoey


The Career Storylies We Tell Ourselves

What is YOUR story?

It matters. #HauteHopes inaugural conference with Lisa Abeyta challenging the conference attendees to think big and to think about what stories we are telling ourselves. Are you telling a story that is holding back?

Does your story include:

I’m doing this for fun.

I could have.

If I had tried….

I wasn’t interested.

Oh, I’m not sure it is for me.

I’m not qualified.

Are you cheating yourself out of a goal by minimizing your story?

Is your age — your career limiting story? “At my age” is not a story you should be telling yourself or the world.

Reframe your story. Own your story and tell a powerful one. Fear of screwing-up? Reframe the outcome. Did you really screw-up or did your actions result in a better outcome?

Don’t let someone else tell your story.

Don’t quit or make excuses, own your story.

Someone else’s journey is their story.

Don’t limit your story by deciding the outcome of someone else’s story.

What’s story are you going to start telling?


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