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From My Inbox: December 11, 2023 Edition

By January 14, 2024No Comments
J. Kelly Hoey - Build Your Dream Network

I love that you’ve had an “eat, pray, love kinda year”.

Well, I hadn’t actually looked at 2023 that way (yet, as at the time I’m writing this) or intended to have that sort of year (tho acceptance of not knowing may be the best description of my ‘master plan’ for 2023), however, when a friend pronounced this my “eat, pray, love year” over dinner (after I’d outlined my travels thus far, this year plus what’s to come), my thought was yes, yes it has decidedly been a just-roll-with-what-feels-right kinda year.

What’s felt right, has been saying yes, to traveling to places familiar, and new.

AND I’ve embraced rolling with it. Which frankly, is a good answer to the inevitable networking question of “what are you up to these days?”.

I’m rolling with it…pretty soon after sending this From My Inbox out. Off to explore somewhere new (for me) across the pond, so I’m including lots from “across the pond” in my inbox this week. Pour yourself a cuppa, and enjoy.

  • The Top III, Vol. VII – Paris design edition: Home decor, kitchen essentials, vintage, and more (The New Paris Dispatch)
  • Is this the future of space travel? Take a luxury ‘cruise’ across the solar system (Aeon)
  • Why you age slower on a plane (and other incredibly strange effects of relativity) (BBC) – perhaps this is why I love to travel so much???
  • Finally watched the Barbie movie…and shout-out to Skate Park Lottie. Skate Park Lottie is a doll inspired by real-life skateboarder, Australian half-pipe princess Paige Tobin. Now, I gave up doll collecting a LONG time ago (note: regardless of age, we should embrace play and for those who have watched the Barbie movie, yes, yes, I did have an Allan doll) and the reason I’m jumping into the doll aisle is because I’m continually inspired by the vision of Lottie Dolls* founder Ian Harkin. Based in Letterkenny, Ireland, Ian launched an innovative global toy company, creating dolls inspired by real world kids, and (pulling directly from the Lottie Dolls website):

Based on the average proportions of a nine-year-old child rather than those of an adult, Lottie Dolls celebrate childhood and promote the empowerment of children by encouraging kids:

  • to be themselves
  • to play – imaginatively and adventurously
  • to have fun!

Imagine that…a product that is inspired by and caters to its (real) users.

J. Kelly Hoey - Build Your Dream Network

Now, more good ???? from my inbox:

  • Gladstone’s: The UK’s only residential library (BBC)
  • A tragicomic account of how the Los Angeles Police Department blew up a city block (Aeon)
  • The Network Scam (Seth’s Blog)
  • QLD Chief Justice put ‘Ms’ ahead of ‘Mr’ in quiet patriarchal protest (Women’s Agenda)
  • What eating a big meal does to your body (BBC)
  • Algorithm for Equality®: An Interactive Conversation (Event by The Female Quotient on December 12)

*If you’ve read Build Your Dream Network, you may recall that Lottie Dolls gets a shout-out in Elena Rossini’s networking case study. Her thoughtful, authentic use of social media (on the site formerly known as Twitter) has enabled a number of fortuitous connections, including working with Lottie Dolls. Now, while Twitter is now X and is a radically different social hangout than it was ‘back in the day’, Elena’s ethos on how to approach networking online, holds true.

J. Kelly Hoey

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