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Upcoming Interviews On Planet Hoey

By April 2, 2020No Comments

Planet Hoey, my little experiment with live video streaming, launched on a whim last weekend, is quickly gathering steam as I seeks out ways to connect in-real-time with my network. I explained the how and why of Planet Hoey in a prior post ICYMI. So today, a short week in, a number of what should prove to be informative, engaging, fun conversations are already scheduled over the coming two weeks. I hope you’ll join me for the conversations over on Planet Hoey:

April 3: If you want to understand how to land internships in tech, network in tech, move jobs in tech and learn new skills in tech, you need to tune in for my conversation with software engineer Cassidy Williams.

April 8: Your voice is a powerful tool for expression and connection – so let’s amplify it in world dependent on conference calls and video. Join me as I tap into the talents of the team at Vital Voice Training.

April 9: The arts community is our lifeline right now. But what about the artists themselves? Join me for a conversation with Mary Carty, an award winning entrepreneur with a background in art, education and startups on how we can support the artists, artisans and small business communities.

April 10: Get ready for an unfiltered, to the point, no BS conversation on how to network with journalists when I interview multimedia journalist and editor, Molly McCluskey.

April 13: I’m chatting with Sarah Feingold, the first attorney and 17th employee at Etsy, about how she CREATED that opportunity for herself and her latest project focused on advancing women executives, The Fourth Floor.

April 15: Chris Graham, founder and principal of TellPeople, a vehicle for teaching storytelling and communication to professionals – is going to share how he puts Build Your Dream Network to work in his business, each time, before he launches a new project or client initiative.

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