J. Kelly Hoey

  A networking question that landed in my inbox last week: "I’m a 15 year old high school student in New York. I’ve been programming for five years and I wanted to start building professional connections to help me in the future and am also working on a small indie game. I will be attending a small talk/open demo night for indie games soon. Do you have any tips on marketing my skills, my game and how to build lasting connections?"     My #BYDN answer: Learn from your peers!     There are some extraordinary young women who are taking their ambition, careers, aspirations and goals into their own hands - and in doing so, are finding engaged communities (globally) + building strong brands and networks. A few networking peer pros to check out:
    There are no hacks or shortcuts to building relationships - the long lasting meaningful kind, that is. It's a lifetime commitment to being genuine in your actions AND showing up for others.

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