J. Kelly Hoey

Time is your most valuable asset, focus it wisely.
It’s August and I’m not only having the all too familiar “where did the summer go?” feeling but also a little of the “where the heck have 7 months of 2015 disappeared to already???” anxiety. My time, like the projects I’ve chosen to focus my energy (and time) on, is unfolding as it should. I would however, love someone to hack me back a couple of months just for good get-more-done measure. August is also my Birthday month…and yes, I’ll let my Leo friends have the month until August 23rd when Virgo takes over on the 24th. In case you didn’t read my tweets or recent newsletters, here is the news: I'm turning 50! The big celebration is September 30. My friends at The Bright Agency Group, Women In Music, R1 Labs and Third Wave Fashion are planning to “roast” not toast this milestone with me (think Comedy Central + Justin Bieber). Keeping with my motto “invest in the change you want to see in the world” this is a party on a mission. Women in Tech, a cause near and dear to my heart (and tweets) is the beneficiary of the event – joke is on me - and roast proceeds are going to support The YWCA of New York City’s Girls Geek Club. Tickets to this soiree are available now and massive thanks to Laconia Capital Group and Venmo for jumping on board already as sponsors for the evening. Also, huge thanks to the good folks at BarleyCorn for providing the venue and to the ridiculously fabulous women who have agreed to host the event (I will make you look at the Eventbrite to see who they are). How thick is my skin and how self-deprecating is my sense of humor? Time will tell on the evening of September 30.

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