Make the Right Connections

Remember that goal or resolution you set back in January…have you gained momentum by connecting it to the right people in your network?

Pause your newsletter reading for a minute if you need to think about who you’ve been asking for help with your goals this year…

And let me provide you with an example from my own networked career. I was approached a number of years ago by a New York City based not-for-profit to join the benefit committee for their annual fundraiser. As I share in #BYDN:

When a not-for-profit in the arts-in-education space asked me to join its benefit committee, I mailed out just five invitations to the event — as I knew five people in my network cared deeply about this issue. To mail any additional invitations would have been spam and a waste of stamps.

You don’t need to know a lot of people –you simply need to connect your goal to the people who can help, as in really help you.

For the not-for-profit, the best connections I could make were to people who cared about their cause. And my guess (correctly) is those people knew more people who cared about it too.

Circle back to your goal worksheet…Who have you talked to about your goal or project or idea (and who else should you be talking to)?

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