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What if this was my cabinet?

On Friday, together with 30 other ex-pats (or aspiring Canadians), I met Ontario’s 25th Premier — Kathleen Wynne, the first woman to serve in that role. Why is meeting a politician noteworthy or innovative (even if the politician is female and so is the audience she is speaking to)? In the why-we-should-really-care-what’s-happenin-in-Canada’s-most-populous-province:

  • Canada and the U.S. have the largest trade relationship in the world; and
  • 58% of U.S. merchandise exports to Canada last year were destined for Ontario, with a value of over $167 billion.

On the innovative side, the Premier Wynne’s focus on practical progressive solutions (infrastructure investment for her is as much a poverty and family issue as it is an economic one) and on stopping sexual violence and harassment. In case you haven’t seen it — #WhoWillYouHelp is Ontario’s incredibly powerful public service campaign. Watch the video here. Who will you help? Stop sexual violence and end sexual harassment when you see it. #WhoWillYouHelp

More women who are leaders, in leadership or leading in, to keep an eye on:

Foreign Policy Interrupted. Founded by Elmira Bayrasli and Lauren Bohn, FPI exists to get the voices of more women foreign policy experts heard. Why are conversations about security, war, genocide, climate change…the list goes on…..happening without 50% of the world’s voices? And women who are experts in these fields do have something to say on these issues — find these women in FPI’s Friday newsletter. As the founders say “Interrupting your inbox with weekly brain-food served up by female foreign policy experts”.

Elmira is the author of From the Other Side of the World: Extraordinary Entrepreneurs, Unlikely Places. The comment by a woman in Bosnia — “thanks for the help. But we need work and jobs, not foreign aid” — prompted Elmira to embark on a global entrepreneurship journey to find how talented people have overcome insurmountable obstacles to build high-growth businesses in countries such as Pakistan, Nigeria and Mexico. Follow Elmira on Twitter and be sure to pre-order her book.

Serial Social Enterprise Entrepreneur, Co-owner of WNBA’s Seattle Storm, Two-time Olympian,Ginny Gilder. Ginny is also the author of Course Correction: A Story of Rowing and Resilience in the Wake of Title IX and has been a leader since participating in the famous Title IX naked protest, which helped define the movement for equality in college sports.

Vanessa Dawson, Founder and CEO of The Vinetta Projectwho is creating an ecosystem to super-charge the business growth of ventures started by high-potential female founders. Vinetta’s high impact pitch and panel series has resulted in $33 million in additional funding being raised by the presenting founders.

New Yorker, Stanford University graduate (Bachelor of Science degree in Science, Technology, and Society) and racecar driver, Julia Landauer. That’s right, a championship racecar driver who is from New York City and has a background in STEM. Julia is racing in the NASCAR Limited Late Model Series at Motor Mile Speedway in Radford, VA for the 2015 season.


In the hilarious takedown of everyday sexism department, check out “Congrats, you have an all male panel!” on Tumblr.

In the practical networking tips now confirmed by a man aisle, check out my latest post on Medium “He’s Looking For Your Name, Not Your Bra Size”.

In taking on sexism in Hollywood, Salma Hayek continues to speak up and blast the industry for giving up on women in front of and behind the camera — this time at Cannes at a Variety hosted event. The ray of hope for her? Women are 50% of the ticket buyers. Flex your movie selection muscles, ladies.

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