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What Is It About WE(Festival)?

There was a palatable energy, and enthusiasm from the minute WE Festival attendees stepped into the room for the opening night reception and keynote. With that buzz in mind, I reached out to several attendees to ask “what is it about WE”? There are so many summits, meet-ups, dinners, conferences to choose from — why did they chose this particular one?

Here’s what Massachusetts-based sustainable communities entrepreneur Kim Lundgren had to say:

  • Why did you apply to attend WE this year? My company is fairly new and is transitioning from a project based company to a tool based company. I came to WeFestival to get ideas for this transition and to be inspired by other female CEOs and Founders.
  • Have you attended previously? No. This was my first time.
  • What stage is your business or venture? Did that factor into your decision to attend? KLA has been in existence for almost 18 months. I just wrapped a very large project and am now taking a step back to look at the big picture for the company.
  • What are you hoping to gain from attending WE? Ideas, inspiration, and energy.
  • What was your biggest takeaway from WE? Think Big!
  • Why is this the conference for women entrepreneurs? It is really quite amazing how friendly and welcoming everyone was from the most successful and well known women to the newbies. Every time I turned around and saw a new face it was smiling and welcoming me and I did the same. The support, the access and follow through, and the encouragement of this group is literally like nothing I have ever seen.

Read why the founder of Ustyled took time away from her D.C.-based venture to attend WE.

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