J. Kelly Hoey

It's Friday and FPI's weekly newsletter landed in my inbox with attitude -  that of a tiny interruptor who can channel Aretha Franklin like no-one's business. As usual, FPI's newsletter is full of foreign policy insights plus who knew it: Barbie can now wear flats. Put a stamp on it! My latest on Inc. Yes, slow tech is the way some entrepreneurs are cutting through the digital clutter. A year ago, I jumped on the BA Ungrounded flight from SF to London and hacked up a solution to the absence of women in tech. Along the way, I also made a few extraordinary friends, including the distractingly fabulous Dr. Sue Black. I'm loving Nashville (thanks to the terrific 36/86 Conference), and Aidan Donnelly Rowley's Friday Loves. I'm currently obsessed with Turkish towels. And I couldn't be happier about the funds and support pouring in for #ReWriteTheCode and how female scientists have responded to a Nobel winner's sexist comments. If I have time this weekend....I'm diving into Jillian Lauren's "Everything You Ever Wanted" or David Brook's "The Road To Character".    

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