J. Kelly Hoey

Truth Bombs From Black Girls Code Founder Kimberly Bryant #WITDemoDay

Kimberly Bryant is an engineer. She is also the founder of @BlackGirlsCode, an organization she started so young girls could find mentors and discover what’s possible in terms of careers in technology. Kimberly was dropping truth bombs at Capital One’s Women In Tech Demo Day #WITDemoDay in Washington, DC. While I recommend following the hashtag #WITDemoDay to gain all the insights from the August 27 hackathon (plus the event in New York City earlier this summer, and hosted by Capital One to benefit Girls Who Code), here are 6 of Kimberly’s insightful takeaways:

“Build a relationship before you ask someone to be your mentor so they are invested in your success”

“Diversify your mentors”

On diversity in tech and improving the tech talent funnel: Non-profits can’t do the work alone. Private partners and schools need to support these efforts.

“The next global innovation will be from a woman…”

“You don’t have to do it all — you just have to do what works for you.”

“There are bigger problems to solve. Use tech to drive social progress that help the world”

Thanks to Capital One for their continuing commitment to diversity and inclusion in technology, and for sponsoring #WITDemoDay (and this post).


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