J. Kelly Hoey

Time To Spring Clean Your Networking! #BYDN

You’ve set (or reset) your goal, focused on who in your network can help you reach your ultimate goal (and each milestone along the way), so now it’s time to freshen up your networking — online and IRL.

As I note in #BYDN: Networking is a process in which you engage. It’s all about the effort you put in to build relationships and generously share your skills or expertise, know-how, and time. But ultimately all you can control are your own networking actions. And by controlling and directing your networking activities, you dramatically improve your chances of success. Where are you directing your networking efforts? Are all of the tools in your networking toolkit working toward your big goal? Have you overlooked anything (or anyone)? Here’s a checklist to adjust / fine-tune / recalibrate some of your networking efforts: Online:
  • Edit your online bio and social media profiles
  • Get a new headshot
  • Change your email signature line
  • Update your voicemail message
  • Change the header image on the social networking sites you use


  • (Re)consider your volunteer commitments
  • Assess your delegation skills
  • Seek new leadership opportunities.
  • Edit memberships and committee roles.
  • Review your calendar and rearrange how you spend your time.

No excuses on you don’t know where to start (or procrastinating either, it’s officially Spring), plus here’s a link to my LinkedIn guide to help you spruce up your profile on that platform.


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