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Friends, fans, followers – what’s an influencer doing when they have a job and a life offline too? Shane Lennon spills his daily social habits. Name: Shane Lennon Title: CMO+Product+COO, digital dna, strategic market builder. A little rugby coaching, loves food/cooking. Me: Which social media/networking site is your first site of the day – and why? Shane: t’s a toss up between Instagram & FB. Mood in the morning and where I view from dictates the choice. I like Instagram as it feeds me ideas for business and satisfies some hobby based interests, so it’s a good way to kick off the day, and visual is far easier to digest first thing. Sometimes if purely leisure, I will view Facebook for a quick look. Especially if I have posted or commented on something the night before and expect some feedback, I use FB for personal use and not holding back on opinions. Me: What types of content are you drawn to or what conversations do you engage in? Shane: On a work level - people who share content related to experiences and  that encourage/motivate open minded views and change. I am a big believer in our world is in constant mode of change and it is the only way to progress. Subject matter around all things digital, growing a business, people/experiences who lead/mentor growth and change. My marketing and product hats like great examples of UX (user experience). On leisure side rugby, music and food, political, lifestyle and humorous content. Me: What makes social media valuable (or enjoyable) for you? Shane: It give me instant and non-media or brand influenced content - lacks the spin or I know it’s spin when I see it but can filter it. I like seeing how others react to content or not. Social is a giant petri dish for human behavior and we can all partake - observer and participate. On a business level and as a CMO I can interact with prospects and clients all the time - it’s the first time you can get both generic and individual feedback easily and with no filters. You can spot early trends and shifts on it e.g. saw Obama impact when running for President way ahead of mainstream, similar rumbling on Sanders now. Also saw the shift from customer controlling decisions as against pre-social when there was more selling (brands pushing). You can see demographic and cultural shifts - Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Zeens, there are some subtle things that become very distinct differences as hits critical mass. I've heard peers and business leaders say they never spend time on it - I think that's a massive missed opportunity - it's a lens into current and future behaviors and trends. Me: Could you give up your social networking habit if you had to? Shane: Not easily, and not sure why I would, unless something new comes along that is better. Me: How frequently do you post on social media? Shane: Multiple times per day Me: Do you use any tools / platforms to manage your social media accounts? If so, which ones? Shane: Buffer for curating content and distribution to one or more social profiles. My teams use a range of free and paid tools - Hootsuite, Marketo, Hubspot,  etc … I go to Product Hunt to get a list of new/freebies. I tend to test a lot of things & see if I get to more than 2 or 3 times usage, most don't pass that litmus test. Me: Who or What are your favorite sources of insight? Shane: KissMetrics for day to day on marketing and product - I ask/demand :) all my teams sign up to it. Marketo and Hubspot for more bigger picture but also some day to day information for marketing. Econsultancy for bigger picture and trends. Then a range of individuals after that on LinkedIn from Richard Branson as generalist, David Skok for business/growth tips and to peers like Kieran Hannon, Margaret Molloy, Greg Verdino, Ritesh Patel (work & leisure),  etc … Kelly of course! Me: Who or What are your favorite sources of amusement? Shane: The Lad Bible on FB. Pundit Area on FB for rugby. Harlem Bespoke - as i just moved to WaHi/Harlem area. Occasional BuzzFeed content. Mostly friends and peers who share stuff in feeds or directly with me, both for work and home. I spend time following some chefs, rugby, clothes, and some other topics on Instagram - out of interest and also to see what’s evolving around the edges in digital. Me: What do you use to post to social media? Shane: Laptop, Mobile, Desktop Me: When do you use laptop, mobile, or desktop to post to social media? Shane: Try new stuff - social media and in life, you’ll be surprised what you will learn and how satisfying it can be! Me: Which other social networking sites are your go-to sites? Shane: LinkedIn if I am straight into work mode, maybe ahead of Instagram for me. I like to see content from people I respect for their opinions, POV and quality of content. Quick check of messages/invites. Now and again I read some Medium posts. Me: Where can we follow you online? Shane: I tend to own profiles with “VirtualCMO” - I am a very early adaptor. / https://twitter.com/VirtualCMO / https://www.linkedin.com/in/shanelennon / http://shanelennon.branded.me/ / Instagram: VirtualCMO

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