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Friends, fans, followers – what’s an influencer doing when they have a job and a life offline too? Terri Burns spills her daily social habits. Name: Terri Burns Title: I'm Terri Burns, a SoCal baby turned NYC adult. I'm currently a Dev evangelism intern at Venmo, CS student at NYU, & President of Tech@NYU. Me: Which social media/networking site is your first site of the day – and why? Terri: Twitter. I learn a ton from Twitter -- about the news, the tech industry, my friends etc. 140 characters keeps it quick and easy. It's also highly entertaining. Me: What types of content are you drawn to or what conversations do you engage in? Terri: I'm mainly interested in three things on social media. In no particular order (as this changes depending on the day):
  1. Social justice: what's going on in the world, who is being affected, how this affects me and people around me
  2. Technology: what's happening in the tech sector, what should I be paying attention to, what's particularly interesting
  3. Entertainment: hilarious gifs, memes, Vines, etc. Updates from friends and family.
The people I follow and engage with are usually pretty active in any of these categories. Me: What makes social media valuable (or enjoyable) for you? Terri: Learning while having fun! Me: Could you give up your social networking habit if you had to? Terri: Sure Me: How frequently do you post on social media? Terri: A few times per week Me: Do you use any tools / platforms to manage your social media accounts? If so, which ones? Terri: I use Tweedeck for Twitter, which is pretty popular. I have multiple Twitter accounts so it helps with managing those and scheduling tweets. For the other social media outlets I use, I don't use any special tools. Me: Who or What are your favorite sources of insight? Terri: Twitter: @deray, @anildash, @jackyalcine, @triketora, @sodevious,  @rgay, @annfriedman, @jennydeluxe and much more! Trending topics, particularly ones that originate from #BlackTwitter (the black community on Twitter that's highly engaged, informative, and entertaining). Facebook groups and messenger are the best sources of insight in terms of getting information and communicating with people. It's pretty much the only reason I use Facebook anymore; I hardly ever scroll through my Newsfeed or other people's profiles. Tumblr is unique because it's more community based than any other platform that I'm on. (In my opinion). That said, just scrolling through my dashboard is always fun/interesting. I don't tend to follow a lot of new people because the cohort of people I follow already (and have been for years now) is enough. Instagram - Not particularly insightful. Snapchat - Not particularly insightful. Me: Who or What are your favorite sources of amusement? Terri: #BlackTwitter is where I get most of my amusement on Twitter. Instagram and snapchat I use almost exclusively for amusement. (I only follow friends and celebrities and there isn't too much other than picture content). Me: What do you use to post to social media? Terri: Laptop, Mobile Me: When do you use laptop, mobile, or desktop to post to social media? Terri: Pretty much at any time during the day when I feel inclined to post I go ahead and do it. In terms of browsing timelines and newsfeeds, I do it when I wake up, before I go to sleep, when I have a few minutes to spare, or when I need to take a break from work. Me: Which other social networking sites are your go-to sites? Terri: Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat -- the usual Me: Where can we follow you online? Terri: twitter @tcburning and my website terriburns.com

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