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Friends, fans, followers – what’s an influencer doing when they have a job and a life offline too? Maxie McCoy spills her daily social habits. Name: Maxie McCoy Title: Creator of #maxie. Building global communities @levoleague Me: Which social media/networking site is your first site of the day – and why? Maxie: Twitter. Because I've curated the voices I want to hear from, my daily "information overload" is from the people I want to be hearing it from. It's the right dose of inspiration, through leadership, and current events. Me: What types of content are you drawn to or what conversations do you engage in? Maxie: I'm so grateful for the thought leaders that I follow on facebook. For a couple individuals, my click and like rate are in the 90 percentile. What they share I trust. The opinions that layer onto the article always gets me thinking. These thought leaders (mentors, peers, smart effing friends) keep me looking at the world from different vantage points - whether in the realm of quantum physics, the future of technology, leadership and influence, or current events. Me: What makes social media valuable (or enjoyable) for you? Maxie: It's a way of life. The most valuable thing about it is that it curates what I want to see, hear, look at. I know what channels I can go to for what. I know what voices will be where. And all the information and connection I could ever need in a digital space is curated in a way that I trust, look forward to and enjoy the insane amount of information I'm receiving. Me: Could you give up your social networking habit if you had to? Maxie: Totally! Me: How frequently do you post on social media? Maxie: Multiple times per day Me: Do you use any tools / platforms to manage your social media accounts? If so, which ones? Maxie: Buffer! Keeps me sane. And is so helpful with getting the content from maxiemccoy.com out there. I sit down once in the week to schedule it so my bases are covered. Then I can go about my social loving ways without feeling like it's a "job" to get my content out on social. Me: Who or What are your favorite sources of insight? Maxie: For my geeky sciency insights - IFLS (I fucking love science) on Facebook. For my dose of spirituality - Elizabeth Gilbert on Facebook. For what's happening in the future of innovation - an old mentor on facebook, Geoffery Colon. Me: Who or What are your favorite sources of amusement? Maxie: Buzzfeed on any channel. Me: What do you use to post to social media? Maxie: Laptop, Mobile Me: When do you use laptop, mobile, or desktop to post to social media? Maxie: Mobile - IG pictures. Quick tweets. Consuming facebook feeds. Laptop - Facebook Brand page post (links/pictures for Maxie) Pictures on FB personal page uploads. Uploading my videos to YouTube, Scheduling. Me: Which other social networking sites are your go-to sites? Maxie: It'd probably be easier to say which I DON’T use. Facebook and Instagram are the obvious other than Twitter. Facebook keeps me personally connected to the ones I love and dually allows me to showcase my voice as the Maxie brand. Instagram is my absolute favorite for something that is truly, simply, mine. I don't follow any brands on Instagram. I only followed the people I LOVE LOVE LOVE. Thus, my IG feed is hyper curated...like being in the comfort of my own living room. Me: Where can we follow you online? Maxie: maxiemccoy.com @maxiemccoy on Twitter and IG facebook.com/maxiemccoy facebook.com/maxie.mccoy.page youtube.com/user/maxiemccoy

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