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Friends, fans, followers – what’s an influencer doing when they have a job and a life offline too? Kiki Schirr spills her daily social habits. Name: Kiki Schirr Title: Co Founder of Fittr (a digital workout tool,), writer and artist. Me: Which social media/networking site is your first site of the day - and why? Kiki: Twitter is my go-to site, hands down. I love the potential of it--how you can connect with anyone, but more importantly, with others different than yourself. Then you can always spin off into more intimate channels like Slack. Me: What types of content are you drawn to or what conversations do you engage in? Kiki: I like to discuss technology and startups one-on-one. So I'll follow people who engage on Twitter--people who don't have a ton of followers so that they'll still talk with me, but who know their stuff! Me: What makes social media valuable (or enjoyable) for you? Kiki: The people that I've met. I have connected with once-strangers over social media that I now feel closer with than many of my friends IRL. Me: Could you give up your social networking habit if you had to? Kiki: Never. Me: Do you use hashtags? Kiki: Yes Me: How frequently do you post on social media? Kiki: Multiple times per day Me: Do you use any tools / platforms to manage your social media accounts? If so, which ones? Kiki: I use Buffer enough that I have paid for it, but usually only if I know that I will be offline for a day. I still use Klout, believe it or not, because I like to know if I'm actually engaging people--and I think it's still the best meter for that. Me: Who or What are your favorite sources of insight? Kiki: I wish there was a word for "friend-who-you-will-learn-from." I have a lot of people that I would consider a mentor--if I weren't making sophomoric jokes around them all the time. I rely on these friends for guidance. Me: Who or What are your favorite sources of amusement? Kiki: Same thing, I have a wonderful network of Twitter, Slack, Blab, Product Hunt, and Facebook friends that I probably could not live without. Me: What do you use to post to social media? Kiki: Laptop, Mobile Me: When do you use laptop, mobile, or desktop to post to social media? Kiki: My phone buzzes constantly--with direct messages, not texts. I only use my laptop for social media if I'm planning a long and careful post--something that I might need to get 'right.' Me: Which other social networking sites are your go-to sites? Kiki: I love Slack, Product Hunt, and Blab. I'm not a big fan of Reddit, but I will go there. I hate everything about LinkedIn but I still use it because there is no substitute. Me: Where can we follow you online? Kiki: In order of priority:
  • www.twitter.com/kikischirr
  • www.medium.com/tech-doodles
  • www.linkedin.com/in/kikischirr

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