J. Kelly Hoey

Friends, fans, followers – what’s an influencer doing when they have a job and a life offline too? Investor Adam Quinton spills his daily social habits. Name: Adam Quinton Title: Startup investor, advisor, Board member. Adjunct Prof. Me: Which social media/networking site is your first site of the day - and why? Adam: Twitter – first thing I check are my overnight notifications. Me: What types of content are you drawn to or what conversations do you engage in? Adam: Content = in interesting to me professionally, news, humor. Conversations = I reply to people who ping me in twitter or comment on my posts. I very rarely join in blog post, lined comment threads etc. Most of that is time wasting grandstanding. Me: What makes social media valuable (or enjoyable) for you? Adam: Discovery and new connections as well as sustainable connections. Me: Could you give up your social networking habit if you had to? Adam: It would be a challenge. What are you paying me to do it!? Me: Do you use hashtags? Adam: Yes Me: How frequently do you post on social media? Adam: Multiple times per day Me: Do you use any tools / platforms to manage your social media accounts? If so, which ones? Adam: Tweetdeck. Me: Who or What are your favorite sources of insight? Adam: Posts by Tom Tungz, Brad Feld, Mark Suster. Tweets my Mark Andreesen, Valar Ashfar, Ted Coine, Tamara McCleary. Me: Who or What are your favorite sources of amusement? Adam: @depresseddart @verybritishproblems @queen_Europe @thetweetofgod Me: What do you use to post to social media? Adam: Laptop, Mobile Me: When do you use laptop, mobile, or desktop to post to social media? Adam: Mobile - Twitter at any time. Laptop - LinkedIn or blog posts any time. Me: Which other social networking sites are your go-to sites? Adam: Linkedin and Quora. NOT:
  1. Facebook = social media retirement community
  2. Google+ = social media wasteland.
Me: Where can we follow you online? Adam: @adamquinton mostly

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