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The AND Edition

How to be exhausted by an overwhelmingly fabulous opportunity-filled week in NYC:

  • Interview Daniel Lubetzky, CEO and Founder of KIND Healthy Snacks at the Apple Store, then
  • The following evening, interview Patrick Sullivan, CEO and Founder of Source3 for the Irish International Business Network, and then
  • On Thursday night stand on stage with two women you deeply admire and accept an award from the YWCA of NYC, and then
  • Meet three visionary women cracking the women on the investment sideline challenge for breakfast on Friday morning.

Opportunities such as interviewing successful, compelling CEOs make it hard to say no (Patrick sold his first technology company RightsFlow to Google). Really bloody darn hard to say no! I’ve blogged about how to filter shiny event syndromebefore, however, after interviewing Daniel Lubetzky, my suggestion is to resolve those choices by thinking with the “AND” philosophy. Why do I imagine that an intense focus on launching a project is incompatible with other activities I love to invest in — such as moderating conversations, mentoring and generally helping others succeed? How can I be productive with my writing AND continue to have visibility in the startup ecosystem?

Here’s how Daniel describes the “AND” philosophy in his book “Do The KIND Thing”:

“One thread that runs through this book is a revelation I uncovered along the journey — the power of thinking with AND. People often let circumstances forces them into choosing between two seemingly incompatible options — like making a snack bar that either tastes good or is healthy for you. At KIND we pride ourselves on creating new paths and models that avoid that kind of false compromise. Instead of ‘Or,’ we say ‘AND’”.

My current to-do is to challenge assumptions and think creatively by dropping OR and substituting AND. Can we have it all? Yes, if we think with an AND.

Thank you Daniel.

AND, my conversation with Daniel is available for listening or viewing on iTunes.

Unexpected acknowledgments make you realize how much more you can do and how small acts can make a lasting contribution. I’m an advocate for women who can tech as well as women in tech and champion for those who want to pursue STEM, which is part of the reason why I’m the YWCA of NYC’s Chief Tech Ambassador. I’m humbled to have been honored by the YWCA at their 11th Annual Summer Soiree alongside Rothenberg Ventures’ Fran Hauser and Buzzfeed’s Shani Hilton but…I hope you have another W in your pocket YWCA because after this past week, I’m even more committed to the YWCA’s goals of empowering women and eliminating racism AND I’m just getting started.


Talk about finding your voice when you never considered yourself a writer…I’m contributing to Inc.com while still posting selectively to Medium AND providing networking insights and other recommendations on my website. AND you can find 50+ of my In Conversation With interviews with women entrepreneurs on the career, fashion and lifestyle site, SharpHeels.


I’d love your feedback or questions. Send me aTweet. Ask me a question on Levo’s Q&A mentoring platform (Levo is proof that it is possible for me to stay focused AND continue to mentor).


A massively huge shout-out to my friend Bianca de la Garza who is expanding into new markets using her late night voice in her visionary way with her media startup — get ready Dallas, LA, Philadelphia, Detroit….

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