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Sharing Some Love From My Network

Love my network and sharing some love from my network this month. Thanks to my friends at the Accessories Council, I have a goodie bag to giveaway filled with #actoppicks PLUS I’ll include a signed copy of the paperback edition of my book Build Your Dream Network.

What’s in the #actoppicks goodie bag you ask….

- Cuff designed by Dune Jewelry. Founded in 2010 by kitchen table entrepreneur, Holly Daniels Christensen, Dune Jewelry, is the Original Beach with sand and natural elements from around the world. All of Dune Jewelry’s patented designs are exclusive and handmade in the USA. @Dunejewelry

- Mini Lady Bag from the Deux Lux collection of ethically correct, on trend accessories. Deux Lux is eco luxury, influenced by classic style. @deuxluxnyc (on Instagram) @deuxluxbags (on Twitter)

- The Handbag Raincoat! Weathering the storm is now easier than ever with The Handbag Raincoat®! This is the way to protect your handbag from all of mother nature’s elements (or when you’re stashing your handbag in the overhead on a flight). @Handbagraincoat

- Pink Karma’s Meet Me At The Bar choker. Pink Karma’s mantra includes the timeless ”what goes around definitely does come back around” — very #BYDN. @xoxopinkkarma

And how to get your hands on all this #BYDN love? What’s the give before the get (to borrow from Build Your Dream Network!).

I need to hear how you’re showering your network with consideration, generosity — you know, the things you do that makes your connections love you!

Contact Me via my website! Or reach out on Twitter or Instagram.

Spill the details! Tell me all about the TLC you’re giving your network! Are you liking their posts? Supporting their crowdfunding campaigns? Showing up at their meetups? What are the ways you’re staying engaged and supporting your network, so they are there to support YOU? Yes, I’d love to know.

Expand your network by following @accessoriescouncil @Dunejewelry @deuxluxnyc @Handbagraincoat @xoxopinkkarma on Instagram and/or over on Twitter (note Deux Lux is @deuxluxbags on Twitter). Heck! These wonderful connections in my network are making this giveaway possible.

One winner will be randomly selected from all the answers received! #giveaway #fashion #accessoriescouncil #deuxlux #dunejewelry #handbagraincoat #pinkkarma #nyc #network


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