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Seeking A Female Investor? Start By Doing Your Research.

Wondering how to meet the elusive female investor for your early-stage venture? Here’s a resource list of networking groups, blogs and Twitter handles (peppered with seasoned advice from entrepreneurs and investors) to help you find the investor you’re looking for.

The New York Times published an article “Out of the Loop in Silicon Valley” way back in 2010. The article stated:

“Networks are crucial for fund-raising, because most investors don’t look at pitches that come over the transom.”

And countless articles, blogs and tweets since then have been written about the closed-door, pattern-matching investment strategy in the Valley — and the good news is that much has started to evolve, from the Silicon Valley influencers aggressively investing in women-founded ventures (500 Startups #500Women fund) to creating conferences targeting rising star female founders (Y Combinator’s Female Founders Conference) plus, more significantly, the launch of female-founder venture capital firms (Aspect Ventures, Rivet Ventures). While there are more resources for women seeking VC (or angel) funding — to get into the loop — the networking tactics being used all to often to break into these closed communities remains unproductively, the same — a cold email, the lukewarm “do you know anyone” ask to the annoying “I’m looking for a woman investor for my cap table”.

Case in point. Recently I received this email from a founder I’ve never met (online or off):

Hi Kelly,
How’s it going? There’s a lot of excitement right now around X! We’ve had a successful response to our mission: to re-define the beauty industry by connecting the online and offline worlds of beauty….
We’re about to close our angel round…raising the cap on the SAFE … I’d love to meet with you this week and connect before we close this tranche.
I think that your interest in women-focused startups would make you a great fit for X and I’d love for you to help us with our mission! Let me know if any of the following times work for you this week?
Monday before 1pmTuesday 12pm-3pmThursday 2pm- 6pm
I can also try to move things around to accommodate you, just let me know! Can’t wait to hear back from you :))

No, I did not schedule a meeting to learn more about this tranche closing soon investment opportunity.

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