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It’s Wednesday. I’m back in the studio recording the next series of interviews for BroadMic, the podcast I’m hosting. ICYMI — yes, I’m hosting a podcast. Head over to iTunes and take a listen. For those who have downloaded the “initial” season, the BroadMic team has listened to your feedback, so get ready for tweaks in the format and equally fabulous new interviews later this Spring.

Seeking A Female Investor?” turned into one of my most popular posts on Inc.com — and spawned a lot of “me too” emails. Me too as in “we’re doing something similar” which in the case of resources for entrepreneurs who don’t fit the gender or age or product or service mould, is a very good email trend to receive. So there’s a follow-up article for you with additional resources from angel groups in Australia and London to networking breakfasts in New York City. Go check out “Seeking A Female Investor? More Resources For Women Entrepreneurs”.
What networking advice would you give career changers?
Been a stay-at-home mom for quite a few years, and my network has collapsed! Help!
How can I build a network remotely?

Networking questions networking questions networking questions…I get asked a lot of questions, frequently the same question many times over and yes, I love answering them, so much so, I told the 500+ crowd at Legacy Conference Canada to email me directly with their questions. I did the same thing for my #DreamJobSummit webinar for SkillCrush. You can find the questions and all my answers to #DreamJobSummit participants here.

A question I was asked recently concerned a female founded startup opening an office in New York City, wondering how to tap into the NYC startup scene. Let’s face it, there is a lot going on in Silicon Alley. So here’s my short-list of recommendations — as a starting point to focus your networking efforts — and yes, read my two aforementioned posts on Inc.com too:

Yes, I’ll be at WE Festival (so find me and say hi). I’m speaking at#WinforumNY on April 21 — another information-rich-high-impact-networking event which should be on your calendar.

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