Rapid Fire Questions: What’s At Your Core?

Question: What are you most afraid of?

Me: Success.

The rapid fire questions came after a lengthy conversation on women founding companies, women as investors, career advancement and networks needed for career success. Give the first answer that pops in your mind I was told….

I didn’t hesitate. “Success” quietly and calmly rolled out off my tongue.



Spiders or cancer are first-world things to be afraid of — maybe — but success?

Fear is in the eye of the beholder.

Do I see myself as others do? Have I become complacent in a career-journey which to date I’d sum up as close calls, near misses and mild disappointments? What more am I willing to invest to achieve a new career milestone? When professional success is something you have always strived for, what remains when you achieve it? Is the camaraderie of “trying” too comfortable a career parking zone? As I embark upon another personal and professional journey of my own making, I’m both amused and intrigued by why success is something I imagine I fear.