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Quality Connections Edition

Last week was filled with re-connections, new connections and amazing conversations.

Spoiler alert! I’m recording a podcast featuring investors, entrepreneurs and thought leaders — who, you guessed it, are mostly women. So I spent many a productive, dynamic hour in a recording studio on 9th Avenue talking with BBG Ventures’ Susan Lyne, the Gotham Gal herself — Joanne Wilson, XO Group’s Carley Roney, the poker-playing repeat entrepreneur Heidi Messer, the Barefoot VC Jalak Jobanputra — and more. I know! I know! Rough life but someone has to grab the opportunity and run with it. Tons of smarts — and a few surprises — coming on the BroadMic podcast (to be released in March on iTunes) so follow @BroadMic on Twitter and join their mailing list to get the news on the first episodes first.

I also (finally!) connected offline with Gesche Haas and a packed house of Dreamers & Doers on Wednesday night at General Assembly. They are making it happen, and I am just happy to be asked to join their ride. Lots and lots of question on pitching….and my advice? Realize you are ALWAYS pitching. Always! So make sure every tool you have at your disposal is pitching your message in the right way. And by every tool, I mean EVERY tool — your business card, the profile picture you use on social media, where you sit in your co-working space (and what co-working space you’re a member of too, come to think of it), the networking group you belong to, whether you show-up once you RSVP for an event or not, your posts, pins, tweets….you get the picture.

A pitch is not limited to the isolated moment in time when you’re sitting or standing in front of a room of investors. Get your pitch right, in every way, every day!

To get your pitch right, you need to get your story right. Check out my interview with storyteller Ian Sanders for more than a few tips on how to tell your story (or to rewrite it if the narrative has changed). Stories do change or evolve — in the moment and with hindsight — see LinkedIn’s Series B deck, kindly annotated by Reid Hoffman.

Some smart stuff to read, digest and watch:

Pinterest software engineer Tracy Chou’s Formative Moment video produced in collaboration with Reddit’s entrepreneur community (note: I had no idea what I wanted to be until recently…so don’t sweat it if you haven’t figured it out yet. This fact could also quite possibly explain why I received a “I’m Starting To Think That I Will Never Be Old Enough To Know Better” t-shirt for Christmas. Heck, being curious and willing to try new things keeps me young, and laughing). Before leaving the Formative Moment — also watch Rana el Kaliouby’s video. Rana is Chief Science Officer of Affectiva and the woman leading the charge to bring emotional intelligence to modern technology. These ridiculously talented women in tech give me such hope for the future.

Check out my latest Inc.com post — in addition to Tracy and Rana, there are two other innovators I’m keeping my eyes on. They are proof once again, that one person can truly make a difference.

Who else is making a difference? The entrepreneurs I’m interviewing for Innovator Insights. Rachel Kimelman, founder of LGBTQutie.com, a progressive relationship and social networking platform for the entire LGBTQ community is the latest profile on this ongoing blog series. WTW! Love the women speaking up and highlighting pay inequality. The X-files Gillian Anderson is the latest. ’Cause she’s half of the team, she should get paid half as much??? And an Oh Canada! moment before I go…another reason to love Justin Trudeau: he uses the F word.

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