Plan Empathy

I have few words of my own after the ISIS initiated violence in Beirut and Paris.

Wondering what to say in this week’s newsletter, I turned again to the internet — the source for breaking news, safety check-in updates and solace — and discovered these two TED talks. Lives upended by terrorism — along with bigotry and hatred. Lives joined by generosity, shared loss. These talks, their brave words on fighting violence by embracing empathy, by choosing to get to know each other, by not assuming or judging people by the things they cannot control, are a glimmer of hopefulness to firmly grab onto.

“In every religion in every population you will find a small percentage of people who hold so fervently to their beliefs that they feel they must use any means necessary to make others live as they do.” — Zak Ebrahim, peace activist and son of a terrorist

“Hand in hand we must do something together.” — Aicha el-Wafi, mother of Zacarias Moussaoui