Out Of Office AutoResponse Envy

I’m known for using Gmail’s vacation responder feature frequently (ok, daily). For me it is a time management and productivity tool – it explains how and when I deal with email. And having put that information out to the emailing world, I then stick to my email schedule vs being a slave to email.

So when I received this email out-of-office / vacation responder last week, I’ll admit it, I was envious. How had I not come up with THIS response (f#ck that’s right, I’m not Dave McClure, that’s f’g why):

hi there — i get a *lot* of email. guessing you do too. this is one of those annoying auto-replies that makes me seem pretentious & full of crap (which is accurate), however i try to make it interesting since i’m better at creative writing than answering emails.

full disclosure: hope you won’t be bummed when i confess there’s ~20% chance i’ll read your email, and maybe only ~5% chance i’ll respond.

yeah, it’s that bad. during that time, i’ll do my best to read & maybe respond to email, but if it’s really important you may need to reach me through other channels, and it’s also possible that it just doesn’t happen at all (which might be my loss).

if it’s URGENT, and/or you are a 500 Startups investor, founder, mentor or partner, or if we are in the middle of a deal, then PLEASE give me a call or text if you have my phone # (altho please consider time zone diff) you can also put a respond by date in the subject line so i have a better chance of catching it.


or, i might not.

in the meantime, if you want to follow extremely interesting updates about me brushing my teeth & other crap, go visit http://facebook.com/davemcclure or http://twitter.com/davemcclure

for completely unproductive & NSFW images & videos, go here: http://9GAG.com/

if you’ve read this far, you are very dedicated. i encourage you to spend less time reading my auto responder, and more time reading a good book or playing Angry Birds.

peace out.