J. Kelly Hoey

Learning AND instruction went online for me last week. I launched into Savor The Success’ online PR School and led a #DreamJobSummit session on how to network your way into your dream job for SkillCrush and headed to Atlanta for the final stop on this leg of #TMRWTour16. As I said in my commencement address to the Class of 2015 graduates at Marymount High School in New York – curiosity and inquiry are the only skill-sets that will not be redundant in five years. We all need to be lifelong learners. Constantly learning is how you innovate, how you successfully navigate a career of reinvention. Why PR school? Because I have a product aka my forthcoming book to turn into a bestseller in the coming year! And I need to know what publicity, promotion, and boosting I can do myself (or the groundwork to lay to make it stronger for a PR firm to represent me). DIY does not replace retaining a top professional, it only enhances the possibility of greater future collaborations and partnerships. An educated consumer puts herself in front of opportunities… #TMRWTour16 was not just a series of happy hours in Philadelphia, Denver, Miami, Chicago, Detroit and finally, Atlanta. It was conversations and insights on what is happening outside of Silicon Valley, NYC and Boston. It was eye-opening, exciting and encouraging. Stay tuned for outcomes and takeaways.

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