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NYC2AMS: apply for four days of amazing programming in Amsterdam (May 24–27)

The NYCEDC is collaborating with StartUp Amsterdam to offer a unique opportunity to founders or senior executives of NYC-based companies considering expansion to Europe in the next year.

What’s on offer? Four amazingly productive days in Amsterdam, including:

1. Unique and flexible programming

  • Bizdev assistance — warm introductions to select corporates in Amsterdam (be sure your application form lists ones you’re interested in); you will then engage with those corporates directly during your stay in Amsterdam
  • General onboarding in EU — workshops on areas ranging from EU immigration, accounting and hiring to space searching and networking

2. Generous cost-support

  • Free hotel (including breakfast) in Amsterdam city center
  • Free bike rentals (truly, the best way to get around town in Amsterdam)
  • Discounted airfare through Delta Airways
  • Free workspace in Amsterdam

3. Complimentary access to Startup Fest Europe and The Next Web conferences in Amsterdam during that week‎

4. Expedited EU visa processing for those who need it

The catch?

a) you need to act fast (applications are due April 15th), and b) you need to commit to this and be hungry to utilize all the resources provided.

Learn more and apply here (https://goo.gl/uuflVf)‎.

Program factsheet can be found here (http://goo.gl/nR83uW).

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