J. Kelly Hoey

No Really! I Need To Know Your No.

Shonda Rhimes had a year of Yes. I, on the other hand, made 2015 my year of NO. Not no, or No but NO. I had a goal (writing my first book) and to achieve that goal, I needed to clear out the clutter, time-sucks, distractions (pleasant and otherwise), optional, nice-to-do-but-not-essential in order to stay focused.

Sliding towards Q2 of 2016, I’ve noticed I’ve relaxed my NO to a no or a No, I’m none to happy about it. I’m not listening to my gut, as a result intruders and time wasters have invaded my calendar. OPP (other people’s projects) are increasingly demanding my time.

I’m thinking about upgrading to NO again.

But before I do, I want to know about your No, so take my survey yes, no or maybe? Yes, it’s short. No, it won’t take much time — and you know you want to know what others are thinking about No.

Yes, here’s the survey link again (no, I didn’t think you missed it, I just wanted an excuse to include it again).


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