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New York to Knoxville Edition

Last Monday I leapt off a plane and into the inaugural Le[a]dBetter New York networking dinner. Why should you care where and with whom I’m dining (no pictures of the food, in spite of being fabulous, folks!)? Well, here’s why: many of you reading this newsletter are founders, entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs, or you may be an investor or raising a fund, and Le[a]dBetter is an innovative program launched by Perkins Coie that supports startups with women in senior executive roles. Inspired by the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 (legislation drafted in response to the Lilly Ledbetter gender wage gap lawsuit) the goal of Le[a]dBetter is to help close the gender gap in business leadership by providing educational and networking opportunities for startups that value diversity (as well as offering qualifying startups a discount on legal fees).

The dinner was attended by many of the bold-face names in the Silicon Alley startup ecosystem who are vocal about and actually investing in women founders. The event was co-hosted by Tracy Chadwell of Coyote Capital (Coyote Capital is a micro-venture capital fund that makes early stage investments in technology and molecular science companies led by women). Haven’t heard of Coyote Capital? Well, you may know some of Coyote’s investments (Modumetal, Glassbreakers and Rapt Media). What’s on your must-listen podcast list? I hope it includes BroadMic (the podcast I host). ICYMI this past Thursday, LMHQ and BroadMic hosted a “live” taping of an upcoming episode with entrepreneur extraordinaire, Tina Roth Eisenberg aka @swissmiss. From confetti drawers to conceiving of businesses when giving birth to scaling an idea globally on the basis of generosity, there’s a lot of amazing insights from Tina in the episode. Subscribe and hear it before I tweet about it. And for those who were lucky enough to nab seats for my up-close-personal-and-wildly-awesome conversation with Tina, her scarf is from Slow Factory. I just ordered Mars, Exposed! I know you were just dying to ask….before Monday, business travel took me from Detroit to Aruba to Dallas to Nashville to Knoxville to NYC. I may need to develop a “pack like a pro” app next…and I’m just a wee bit thankful to American Airlines for platinum status! I’m heading back to Aruba for ATECH Conference in September (there is a startup pitch competition with a $20,000 prize, so apply to pitch and you could be find yourself in Aruba too!) and to Nashville again next month for 36/86(killer lineup of speakers including the formidable Joanne Wilson). BTW, save the date for Joanne’s next WE Festival — it is going west coast in November for an inaugural event in L.A.

ICYMI — my forthcoming book “Build Your Dream Network” is now available for pre-order.

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