J. Kelly Hoey

I was in a New York State Of Mind this week in my weekly newsletter, Innovator Insights and loving the ballsy bragging and peer-promotion of NYC e-commerce startups. Just like me, The Skimm thinks you should be reading Aidan Donnelley Rowley's The Ramblers - yes, it is set in New York City. It wouldn't be a week without questions on fundraising...Fundraising is an effort, but not one of shaking down venture capitalists or angel investors for money. It is all about networking. And it's a massive effort because most startups begin the process thinking they only need money and they start knocking on doors, pitch deck in hand, at a time they have convinced themselves they require money NOW to grow or scale. Oh, these founders are also seeking to get this painful fundraising thing done, quickly. However, fundraising is relationships, and the get-to-know-you-so-you-write-a-check-or-are-the-champion-in-the-room starts, well, long before the door knocking. Want to be successful in fundraising? Get curious. Worry about building relationships more than perfection of the pitch.

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