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Networking Tip – Have A Goal

By May 31, 2015June 8th, 2020No Comments
J. Kelly Hoey - Build Your Dream Network

Stop committing random acts of networking” may be my most frequent networking refrain. If you don’t know why you’re undertaking an activity or seeking someone’s advice the networking is by definition going to fall short of your expectations (unless you’re expecting the networking worst). What’s your goal? Define your objective – then plan your networking course to achieve that objective. Random networking will only produce random results.

J. Kelly Hoey

J. Kelly Hoey

J. Kelly Hoey is a problem solver who believes that most professional challenges—whether funding, landing a board position or getting a new job—are solved by tapping into networks.Kelly is a popular speaker on networking, community building and investing issues, especially as they relate to women, and has worked with the IEEE, PGA, Bank of America, Apple and countless others. Follow Kelly on Twitter @jkhoey and on Instagram @jkellyhoey and join the #BYDN community at