J. Kelly Hoey

Mulling The Fourth, After The Fourth

Sitting in an airport lounge, writing this post (which was emailed out today in the form of my weekly newsletter) with the 4th top of mind — and knowing post-4th this will land in your inbox.

I’m mulling bravery and values. What we stand for and what we put up with or tolerate or make excuses for or promise to change at some TBD date in the future. And for many women entrepreneurs they have been putting up with much too much for much too long. Bravely solidering on in silence for risk of the consequences. Oh, and how the consequences have been the same: the women continue to be grossly undervalued, underfunded and the harassment goes on. I’m glad strong women such as Dreamers & Doers’ Gesche Haas, have spoken up. I’m really glad to see LPs pulling their investment — because sadly, money more than a woman’s word, will change behavior. Behaving badly has to have its consequences too. As for the funds who are wringing their hands and finding their moral compass now that the bright media light is bringing more allegations forward (instead of sending the women scampering back to the shadows as it did in the not so distant past) — save me the lengthy Medium posts, a simple “no excuses, we f’d up, and yes, we failed our investors and the startup community” will suffice. Happy July 5. Time to return to the values we celebrate: equal opportunity for anyone to succeed.  

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