More Thanks and More Giving

“Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action.” — W.J. Cameron

I am writing this newsletter as I wake from the glorious food coma from dining at Fancy Pants Manor for Thanksgiving. Hosted by the mobile, IoT and wearables power duo of Liza Kindred and Josh Clark, I am practically immobile at this moment (and quite happily so — though I will be counting on my Mira smart bracelet to motivate me into some work-off-the-turkey action).

In lieu of grace, Liza asked all of us to say what we’re grateful for — a fine tradition that should be a daily just-like-flossing habit. With immense thanks, I’m going to ask for your indulgence as I share just a few of the things I’m grateful for — and suggest you grab a pen and paper or productivity app to write your own list:

Compassionate Action! Project Batman was launched on Thanksgiving Day by my friend Megan Morgan with the aim of putting strollers into the hands of mothers who are refugees. As a single mother traveling with her young son, Megan’s super fearless travel power was a stroller. The stroller made her fearless because it was a place her son could be when things got rough or uncertain, or the days (or delays) from point A to point B took longer, unexpected turns. A stroller isn’t just a stroller or pram or pushchair, it’s a safe haven for a child. Megan is raising $17,000 for Project Batman on compassionate crowdfunding site You Caring.

A Cheering Section (And Twitter)! I laugh (politely) when people say they “don’t get” Twitter. It’s a marvelous global cocktail party — when you tap into smart, generous people doing and sharing interesting things. Case in point, my friend and impact investing advisor Christine Mendonza. Twitter frequently answers my “where in the world is Christine” question and she generously keeps tabs on me too.

Practical Wisdom! Any day you get to spend time with Tina Roth Eisenberg is a good day, a very good day indeed — and I’ve had two back-to-back days recently with @swissmiss. I know, jackpot! One of my favorite Tina’isms is “don’t complain, forget it or make something better”. Advice she gives and follows — Hello Tattly! And I’m immensely grateful for Tina creating TeuxDeux (flying cats and all the daily get-it-done organization), too.

Life is nothing without good friends. Intentional community is everything.

— Tina Roth Eisenberg (@swissmiss) November 26, 2015

Energized Get It Done Connections! Where do I start with the force that is Anne Ravanona, CEO and Founder of Global Invest Her? Anne is determined to get more women founders funded (in part by dishing out the practical, insightful, focused advice entrepreneurs need). I had a 90-minute Skype interview with Anne on Friday, and frankly, I wish the conversation was still going on. Highlighting the women who are getting it done — Anne, you are my kind of role model for change.

The Me-Too Crowd! Since writing this post on of resources for female founders who are seeking investors, mentors, advisors, opportunities to connect with peers I’ve been hit with emails and tweets of “hey, we’re doing this too, can you mention us in your post?” YES! The only way to make change happen is well, to get down to it and make it happen. I’m beyond grateful for the additional information (keep it coming!) and yes, will post a follow-up column on

Wondering how to meet the elusive female investor for your early-stage venture? Here’s a resource list from @jkhoey:

— Scale Investors (@scale_investors) November 14, 2015

Stay positive and keep taking bold steps forward.