J. Kelly Hoey

Name: Julie Vos

Title: Owner/ Jewelry Designer

Company: Julie Vos Jewelry

Website: www.julievos.com

Twitter: @julie_vos

JKH: When did you launch Julie Vos and what's the best business advice you have received?

Julie Vos: I launched the company in 2006 and around that time a close friend who is a retired Army General gave me the following advice, "Don't tell your business what it is, let IT tell YOU."  I have lived by those pearls of wisdom.  He also told me I had to write a business plan but I ignored that. 

JKH: Where do you take inspiration from?

Julie Vos: I know what I like to wear--the weight, the style, the simplicity of the jewelry.  There are profiles I like to wear that are easy and comfortable.  I have an arsenal of profiles I have developed over the past decade I turn to when I design.  The detailing or the theme usually comes from what is right in front of me—a Greek key on the frieze of a building or art deco details in a door frame.  Or maybe I want to try something organic, like a leaf, or something that looks like a coin unearthed from an archeological dig.  There is the theme, which always is changing, and there are the profiles, which are eternal.  Although we always experiment with at least one new profile each season and some make it into the arsenal.

JKH: What specific item from your collection do you recommend indulging in?

Julie Vos: A chunky stone statement pendant, like the Greek Key, or a dressy cuff, like the Byzantine Cuff or Baroque Bangle.

JKH: What differentiates Julie Vos from the rest?

Julie Vos: The weight of the jewelry, the finish, the quality of the semi-precious stones, the new collections (we design eight collections a year with 10-20 styles in each collection) and of course the warm and helpful customer service.

JKH: Where can I discover your collection / experience your product / service?

Julie Vos: Online at julievos.com or at the Julie Vos Pop-Up shop opening May 4th on Lexington Avenue at #RSPOP.

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