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Loose Ends + New Month Edition

A week in NZ and I arrive back in New York City on a Friday night wondering why no one has turned up the heat (Hello! 32 degrees, really?) and where the heck did February go! Delighted there is an extra day in the month, but I could really use more than 24 hours….

How To Attack Jet Lag

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Slap on the moisturizer pre-flight and grab some 1Above (another of my Kiwi discoveries). 1Above combines Pycnogenol® with 6 electrolytes + a whole lot of B Vitamins to combat the dehydration from flight travel, which can exacerbate jet lag.

My other long flight essentials — in black (of course): Vie Active Compression Tights; Uniqlo heat-tech top; a Les Lunes cardigan; Pashmina scarf; and a book, no not my Kindle, but a book. Why? I don’t know about you, but nothing lulls me to sleep better than curling up with a good book!

Need To Get Away From It All

For a night, a weekend — whatever, then add the magical coastal farm escape that is Annandale (set along the scenic Banks Peninsula on the South Island, NZ) to your bucket list. Words cannot adequately describe the enormous beauty of this unique property. It is a working farm — so be prepared to share the view with the cattle and sheep.

Stop Clicking And Start Cooking

It’s too easy to instantly order-in or fake it, while you bake it with some pre-measured or prepared food item. But the old saying “you are what you eat” applies more than ever. And after a week of real food — topped by an extraordinary breakfast made by celebrity cook, Annabel Langbein — all I can say is, lose your culinary fears, get to the farmer’s market and get cooking. Now.

Oh, and Annabel has a total Macgyver move in the kitchen: stove top smoker. Brilliant, super easy, and absolutely delicious — trust me. Duct-tape not required.

Tomorrow Starts Today

Entrepreneurship communities are booming across the U.S. — but how and why? That’s what the Tomorrow Tour (organized by news site Technical.ly and inspired by Comcast) sets out to answer — by bringing together local startups, community leaders and other innovators to explore how cities such as Miami, Chicago, Detroit and Atlanta fit into the national wave of entrepreneurial ambition and drive. Hey, we’re stronger economically and as a country, with more engaged and connected communities (one of the reasons I’m thrilled to be part of the Tomorrow Tour).

Add your voice to the conversation on where tech and innovation go next:

Welcome to the YWSTEAAMocracy

‘The Future of STEM is Inclusive’ is the YWCA of NYC’s new report — and I’m joining Minerva Tantoco, CTO of the City of New York and Asia Hoe, Product Designer, 2U on Thursday, March 3 for a discussion of the report and the opportunities for Silicon Alley.

Listen Up!

BroadMic, a new podcast I’m hosting is launching this month on iTunes. The first season of BroadMic features entrepreneurs Heidi Messer & Carley Roney; investors Susan Lyne, Joanne Wilson & Jessica Peltz, “TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs” founder, Nelly Yusupova, Tami Reiss, creator of #JustNotSorry, Product Managers Allessandra McGinnis and Nikki Kuritsky, and technology thought leader/VC Jalak Jobanputra. Does the world need another podcast? Heck yes! I mean, have you heard enough from voices like these?

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